Rivet Rack Shelving Post Splice

  • Constructed from steel with a galvanized finish
  • Used to connect two post to create one tall upright
  • Includes attachment hardware
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You can quickly and easily add use the RS72098 rivet rack shelving post splice to instantly create a taller upright! When additional height is needed, there is no need to disassemble your rivet rack unit and replace the posts. Simply use the rivet rack post splice to add another post on top of your existing one to get the extra height that is needed.

Using the RS72098 rivet rack shelving post splice can also save you time and money. Taller posts are often more expensive and have longer lead times. With the post splice you can order shorter posts that are in stock and ready to go, without compromising on the height of your storage unit. Angle posts require one splice per connected pair, while t-posts will require two splices. We make the RS72098 rivet rack post splice out of heavy-duty steel. Installation is easy and assembly hardware is included. The post splice features a galvanized finish. Republic recommends that you anchor your leveled metal storage racks to either the floor or the wall.

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