Concrete Wedge Anchor Bolts for Shelving and Racking

  • While you tighten the bolt, the anchor expands to secure it
  • Each anchor comes complete with a washer and a nut
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Secure your shelving and rack into place with concrete wedge anchor bolts. These heavy-duty, zinc-plated steel anchors are made for use with concrete floors. These 3/8 x 3-inch anchors feature a versatile fully threaded design as well as a corrosion resistant stainless steel clip. Concrete wedge bolts provide the highest and most consistent holding values of any mechanical type concrete expansion anchors. In the interest of safety, Republic strongly recommends that you anchor all shelving or Storage Rack sections to the floor or wall.

To install directly into concrete, drill a hole that is slightly deeper than the expected embedment depth. Insert the concrete bolt anchor directly into the hole with the clipped end going in first. Loosely put the nut on the other end and then strike it with a hammer to drive it into the hole. Secure into place with the washer and nut which will cause it to expand as you tighten it down.

These concrete wedge anchor bolts work with different Republic industrial metal shelving and racking. Use with the 2000 series foot plate when installing 2000 Series shelving uprights. You can also use these zinc plated wedge anchors with both the bulk storage rack Anchoring Foot and the rivet rack foot plate.

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