Particle Board Decking for Storage Racks

  • Economical decking option for general storage applications
  • Weight capacity of 750 lbs per panel
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Increase the storage capabilities of your rivet rack and bulk storage rack sections by adding particle board decking. Each of these versatile storage rack particle board measures 5/8-inch thick. We have also been pre-cut them to size to fit our various sizes of metal storage racks. This decking is ideal for use with both Republic’s rivet rack and bulk storage rack. Our particle board decking features a weight capacity of 750 lbs per panel. Use it not only for file archive boxes but also to store office supplies, retail stock, or as a display rack in a store. This decking is one of our most versatile decking options. Particle board is also the most economical option for general storage applications.

Republic’s particle board decking is available to fit a variety of different beam sizes for either our Bulk Storage Racks or Rivet Rack Shelving. One or more front-to-back center supports should always be used beneath the decking. The particle board sits on top of the beams and center supports. Painting the particle board gives you a way to customize the look of your commercial storage racks. The smooth surface also makes it easy to slide items onto the racks.

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