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Clearview Storage Cabinets

See What Is Inside Your Cabinets Without Opening Them

Republic offers multiple options for storage cabinets with clear doors. These Metal Storage Cabinets have windows in the cabinet doors. This allows you to view the contents without unlocking and opening the cabinet. Quickly and easily be able to take note of what you have on hand. We offer two different styles of visual storage cabinets. The Clearview cabinets are heavy-duty industrial cabinets while the 1200 series clear view cabinets are perfect for office use.

Industrial Clearview Cabinets

The doors on the industrial clear view cabinets feature 3/16″ thick Lexan door inserts. Republic All-Welded Storage Cabinets include heavy-duty steel doors. Heavy-duty 5/16″ brass pin hinges get welded to each door. The cabinet doors have rugged handles with a 3/8″ thick padlock hasp. Republic makes these storage cabinets from 14-gauge steel. This metal storage cabinet with doors features a secure, 3-point locking system on the doors with a 3/8″ latch rod and a 3/16″ latch plate. The rugged cast aluminum handle has a built in padlock. You can easily secure your cabinets with your own key or combination lock.

These cabinets have an overall capacity of 1,450 lbs per shelf. Shelves bolt securely into welded keyhole slots and also adjust on 3-inch-centers. We weld 4-inch-high legs on so a forklift to easily move the Clearview cabinets anywhere in your facility. We also make a cabinet with removable plastic bins and a 4 door cabinet.

Visible Office Storage Cabinets

Republic makes the 1200 Series Cabinet door inserts on both doors from plexiglass. The plexiglass for cabinets runs almost the full length of the doors. The included four shelves are adjustable every 2-inches. The back corners of a shelf fit into slots while the front corners sit on clips. This lets you adjust a shelf with ease. Up to 110 lbs capacity per shelf for heavy duty storage requirements. Made of durable heavy gauge steel but at a more affordable price than industrial Clearview cabinets. The pan type reinforcements help to maintain door alignment. The “Quiet Door” feature reduces noise when opening and closing doors. They come with a 3-point locking system with a polished chrome plated handle. The metal cabinet also includes a lock and two keys. Republic ships these either unassembled or assembled. Save time by having us do the work for you.

Safety Center Cabinet

These Safety Cabinets come in a safety yellow finish so that they are easy to spot in your facility. Stock them with first aid and emergency response gear in case of accidents. The windows will allow people to easily check the first aid supply stock without having to open it.

Both Clearview cabinets and visible storage cabinets have a Dove Gray powder coat finish. The paint finish will protect your cabinets from everyday use.

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