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Buying from Republic qualifies your project LEED Credits One and Two.

Republic Storage Products has been a leading manufacturer of lockers and shelving since 1930. With our legacy of quality, our goal is to help our customers meet their storage needs. We are storage solutions experts who design and build products to help you get and stay organized. We only use high quality steel so that our products are strong and durable. After more than a century, our drive for growth, innovation, quality, and service to our customers is stronger than ever. When quality and value count, you can count on Republic Storage Products to deliver!

Metal Lockers

You can find Republic Metal Lockers in schools, locker rooms, and businesses all over the USA. Our lockers have proven to be easier to install and more trouble-free than any other system on the market. We offer a large selection of lockers that come in 10 colors that we can ship quick with our PDQ lockers. From athletic lockers to gear lockers, Republic Storage Products have the lockers you need for your project. From custom paint finishes to a full line of trim and accessories, you can find a complete locker solution from Republic. You can even get a locker room bench to match your new lockers.

Industrial Shelving

Republic Storage Products also has a line of Industrial Steel Shelving. Our clip shelving easily scales up to fit your needs. We have tons of options to create a shelving storage solution so that it meets any project requirements. Republic also has mezzanine shelving to help you take advantage of the vertical space in your facility. An expert designed shelving system can double or even triple either your floor or storage space.

Storage Cabinets

Republic has a line of Steel Storage Cabinets. Our cabinets feature all-welded construction using 14-gauge steel. These durable cabinets feature a powder coat paint finish so that they can stand up to everyday use. You can adjust the heavy-duty shelves which can hold up to 1,450 lbs. The 4-inch legs provide space for a forklift to pick up and move the cabinets where you need them.

Modular Cabinets

Our Modular Drawer Cabinets can help you reduce your storage footprint with this high density solution. Each drawer fully extends so you can see all the items stored inside. We designed our drawer slides so they can hold up to 400 lbs per drawer. Whether you are storing tools, hardware, or small retail products, these modular drawer cabinets can help you securely store and organize them.

Storage Racks

Republic Storage Racks cover use cases from small retail use up to the largest warehouses. We offer our industrial storage racks in both starters and add-ons. The starter can be used as either a stand-alone rack or you can create rows of racking by pairing a starter with add-ons. Each style of industrial storage racking has lots of options such as height, depth, and type of decking.

Republic has storage solutions experts across the USA. Our experts will help you customize the right storage solution for your project. A Republic Distributor will develop a unique solution to fit your special application. With a century of experience, Republic wants to be your locker and shelving provider of choice. From the time your order is placed to the time it ships, you can expect the products and service that your business demands. Republic Storage Products, LLC looks forward to working with you.