Ventilated Gym Lockers

Republic Gym Lockers: Durable Ventilation Solutions for Every Locker Room

Republic has been a leading manufacturer of quality steel ventilated lockers in the USA since 1930. You can find our metal vented lockers in locker rooms in schools and gyms all across the country. Republic metal gym lockers are proven to be easier to install. They are more trouble-free than any other locker on the market. We make our ventilated gym lockers in a variety of layouts to meet your project needs. They feature reliable latching systems and a premium finish. Choose from 3 different styles, 34 standard colors, hundreds of sizes, and style combinations so you can suit your needs precisely.

Our ventilated lockers feature diamond perforations on both the doors and sides. This helps to increase air flow so that stored items can stay dry and cool. These lockers come with hasps to secure them with a user provided padlock. You can upgrade to either built-in combination or key locks. We punch the locker doors to fit a Republic locker number plate. Each locker comes with 6-inch-high legs for toe room at the bottom.

Single Point II Lockers

Republic’s Single Point II Ventilated Lockers bring the benefits of single point latching with no moving parts to gym locker rooms. The 14-gauge steel doors have reinforcing on the hinge side so they can stand up to the tough standards of a gym locker room. The single point latch features an 11-gauge steel hook. For low maintenance and high security for your gym locker room, Republic Single Point II athletic lockers are the best choice.

Heavy-Duty Lockers

We designed our Heavy-Duty Ventilated Lockers to meet the harsh environment of an athletic locker room. Built to last, these lockers feature knocked down construction, rugged 14-gauge steel doors, and heavy gauge body parts. Single, double, and triple tier lockers come with nylon lockbar guides to reduce clanging and provide a smoother, quieter operation.

All-Welded Lockers

Republic’s All-Welded Ventilated Lockers have the superior design features of the heavy-duty ventilated locker. These lockers feature welded construction, rugged 14-gauge steel doors, and heavy gauge body parts. All-welded lockers utilize a unique, one piece back/side design for added strength. We ship our all-welded lockers preassembled so they are ready to install.

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