ADA Lockers

ADA Compliant Lockers: Accessible Storage Solutions from Republic

Although the Americans with Disabilities Act does not address lockers specifically, it does refer to features that are found on or in lockers and provides guidance for the placement of lockers within a room. Republic makes these ADA compliant lockers to meet the requirements for accessibility and usability.

What are the Requirements for ADA Lockers?

How does Republic make our lockers so that the meet ADA locker requirements? We start by making the locker height shorter than usual so that the coat hooks do not exceed 48-inches from the floor. Then we add a shelf to create a bottom that is 15-inches above the floor. A user should be able to open their locker door without a twisting or clasping motion. We have a couple handle options to meet this need. Republic also offers an ADA compliant built-in Digilock to secure the locker. Finally, you should install these handicap accessible lockers in an area that allows the door to swing fully open and for a wheelchair to turn.

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