Specialty Storage

Republic Has Designed Storage Solutions To Help Solve Your Unique Problems

Republic has a large offering of specialty storage solutions. Our engineers have designed these items to solve very specific storage problems. From automotive dealerships to retail display racks, we have got you covered. For over a century, Republic has been the solving the needs of anyone looking for special storage solutions.

Gravity Flow Rack

Our gravity rack is a specialty storage solution when you want stored items to always be at the front of the rack. Originally designed as an automotive battery rack, it is heavy-duty enough to store any sort of product. The waterfall wire decking sits at an angle so items slide forward. The decking also has a lip to prevent product from falling off. These racks are great for general warehouse storage but can also be used of front of house display. Prevent workers or customers from having to strain or reach to the back of a rack or shelf to grab an item.