Get Shelf Bins To Organize Your Republic Industrial Shelving

Organize your Republic industrial metal shelving with plastic shelf bins and steel shelf boxes. We have a huge selection of bins to help you organize and store small parts, hardware, or other stock. Options include steel boxes and plastic bins. Between adjustable shelves and dividable bins, you can easily change up your storage solution as your needs change. Properly organized storage helps increase efficiency as well as control stock. Whether you run either a shop that needs parts bin shelving or a retail warehouse.

Plastic Shelf Bins

The durable yellow bins are one-piece molded polypropylene. These stackable bins resist moisture, grease, and oil because of the plastic construction. The front of each plastic shelf bin has a label holder. You can add dividers to subdivide the boxes because the sides of each shelf box have slots. Republic also offers bin cups which fit insider our yellow warehouse shelf bins. They are perfect for storing and organizing small screws, nuts, and bolts. Small storage bins for shelves are great option for almost every industry.

Besides plastic shelf organizer bins, we also have heavy-duty steel shelf boxes. They are tough and durable. They have a flanged back so when pulled out they can hang for complete access to items. Add galvanized steel shelf bin dividers to the slotted sides. These warehouse shelf boxes also include integral label holders on the front of each box. We offer the shelf boxes in our Dove Gray powder coat paint finish while the dividers come in plain galvanized steel.

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