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Mezzanine Shelving

Maximize Warehouse Space: Republic’s Multi-Level Mezzanine Shelving Systems

Republic makes mezzanine shelving to fit your storage needs. Our commercial metal shelving can be found in warehouses across the country. They are perfect for storing small to medium sized items. Republic has been an industry leader in shelving since 1930.

What is Mezzanine Shelving?

If your business is growing, then chances are you face either having to lease more space or steep construction costs. Republic shelving supported mezzanines and multilevel systems offer a cost effective storage solution to today’s expansion needs. Take advantage of your existing vertical space and save money by installing a Republic mezzanine shelving system. To assure you of the utmost structural integrity and safety, all designs are made with the help of an engineer. Our designs comply with both AISC and AISI specifications and building codes.

These systems are based on our clip shelving. You get all the benefits of Republic clip shelving while being able to have multiple levels of it. This includes the ability to adjust shelves on the clips without tools. This lets you easily change up your storage when you need to. We make splices for both angle and beaded style post uprights. This will let you stack new shelving units on your existing ones. No need having to replace the uprights you already have. Our clip shelving scales up easily to meet your storage needs. Not sure what you need for you warehouse shelving project? A Republic distributor can help you with a custom layout to meet your budget and storage needs.

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