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Industrial Bin Storage Cabinets

Our Bin Cabinets Will Make Storing Small Parts and Hardware A Breeze

Republic all-welded bin storage cabinets help to increase storage density while boosting the speed of selection and retrieval of items. You will be able to organize any small hardware or parts. Finally have a place for all your nuts and bolts. Some models have adjustable shelves. You can find the perfect mix of bins and shelves to solve your storage needs.

Plastic Bins

These bin storage cabinets have removable parts bins which help to increase storage density. They can also make finding and retrieving items fast. Our stackable plastic bins resist corrosion and most solvents. The small ones can hold up to 10 lbs and the large ones can hold up to 60 lbs. The safety yellow plastic industrial storage bins easily clip on and off racks which are welded to either the cabinet backs or doors. Bins have a label holder molded so you can make sure items go where they belong.

Some cabinets come with a tilt bin. Tilt Bins swing forward so you get 100% access to the contents. These bins can hold up to 40 lbs. Republic also has dividers to subdivide your bins. This helps you increase your organization of items and parts.

Features of Bin Storage Cabinets

These all-welded nut and bolt storage cabinets with removable bins feature 14-gauge steel construction. They provide a payload capacity of 1,450 lbs per shelf. You can adjust storage cabinet shelves on 3-inch-centers with secure bolts in welded keyhole slots. The metal bin cabinet with removable bins features a secure, 3-point locking system on the doors with a 3/8″ latch rod and a 3/16″ latch plate. The cast aluminum rugged handle has a built in padlock hasp. This lets you secure the cabinet with your own padlock. These storage cabinets have 4-inch-high welded legs so that a forklift can easily move these industrial metal parts bin cabinets anywhere in your facility.

Maintenance Center

Looking for a metal cabinet with bins and drawers? A Republic maintenance center has our modular drawers built in. Some models have pull out shelves so you can do some light repair work. Casters help the doors open smoothly and maintain their alignment. The Republic maintenance center is the complete all-in-one industrial storage solution.

Bolt bin storage cabinets ship assembled while the plastic bins ship loose inside the cabinet. We powder coat paint each bin storage cabinet with shelves. This helps protect it from every day use. We stock them in our Dove Gray finish so that you can get them fast. Republic makes the all-welded bin organizer cabinets in the USA.

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