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Counter Height Storage Cabinets

All The Great Features Of Republic Cabinets In A Shorter Size

Republic counter height storage cabinets are the perfect solution for your small storage needs. These counter high metal storage cabinets include 2 adjustable shelves. As your storage needs change so does your Republic cabinet to meet your needs. The all-welded counter height cabinets are the more industrial option while the 1200 series is a more affordable office option. Both are durable and versatile storage cabinets which Republic has been known for since 1901.

All-Welded Counter Height Storage Cabinets

Republic makes this small industrial storage cabinet out of 14-gauge steel. The heavy-duty steel doors include a rugged handle. The cast aluminum handle has a built in padlock. You can easily secure your cabinet with your own key or combination lock. This handle latches the doors closed with a secure 3-point locking system. Our latch system features 3/8″ latch rod and 3/16″ latch plate. We weld 2 heavy-duty brass pin hinges to each door. This helps keep the door aligned for easy opening and closing of these small metal cabinets.

Easily adjust the 2 included shelves on 3-inch-centers. These shelves have an overall weight capacity of 1,450 lbs each. Shelves bolt securely into welded keyhole slots. The 4-inch-high forklift base creates room for a forklift to easily relocate the short metal cabinet as needed. These counter high storage cabinets ship assembled so all you have to do is put the shelves in where you need them.

1200 Series Counter Height Storage Cabinets

The Republic small office storage cabinets offer contemporary styling with its rounded front corners. We make our short metal storage cabinets from durable heavy-gauge steel. The shelves quickly adjust on 2-inch-centers. Shelves set into slotted back corners while clips support the front corners. The shelves will hold up to 110 lbs.

The chrome plated handle latches the doors closed with a 3-point door lock system. Secure the doors closed with the included lock and 2 keys. Cabinet doors have the Republic “Quite Door” feature. This reduces noise when opening and closing the doors. The pan type reinforcements maintain door alignment. These small office cabinets ship either unassembled or set up. Save yourself some time by having Republic professionally put your new small metal storage cabinets together. We will ship it to you assembled so all you have to do is put the shelves in where you want them.

Both styles of storage cabinets have a powder coat paint finish. The paint will help protect your cabinets from everyday use.