Rivet Rack Shelving Foot Plate

  • Made from galvanized steel to resist corrosion
  • Includes the hardware to attach the foot plate to a rivet rack upright
  • Pre-drilled holes fit 3/8″ diameter concrete wedge anchors
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The Republic RS72092 rivet rack shelving foot plate is a boltless rivet shelving part you can use to secure your rivet rack shelving. Designed especially for Republic’s rivet racks, this rivet shelving part provides extra stability to ensure a safe and sturdy installation. Republic strongly recommends that you secure each section of boltless metal rack with a foot plate under each post. Before you anchor your metal storage racks, make sure they are plumb and level.

We designed the RS72092 rivet rack shelving foot plate to work with both the angle posts and the t-posts of these commercial storage racks. The included nuts and bolts attach the foot plate to the lowest beam on the floor level. When using with angle posts, you should make sure the majority of the foot plate positioned underneath the medium-duty rack. The lowest beam must be installed in the first and second slots when foot plates are in use. This steel plate is pre-drilled to easily accept floor anchors in the correct spot. You can use two of the holes to secure your boltless racking system post as needed. The holes are the perfect size to accept a 3/8-inch diameter wedge anchor. Be sure to secure your foot plate in place by adding the 3-inch wedge anchor.

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