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ABC Cubbies: Colorful, Durable Storage for Daycares, Preschools & Elementary Schools

These ABC metal cubbies for kids bring the colorful, durable traits of Republic steel lockers to young children’s environments. They are ideal for either daycare centers, preschool classrooms, or elementary schools. For a colorful, long lasting, and fast installing alternative to more traditional wooden cubby or open cabinet storage, choose ABC cubbies for kids.

What Are Metal Cubbies?

Metal cubbies open front storage so that children can quickly place items into their assigned space. Cubbies are smaller than our standard steel lockers since young kids require less storage space typically than older school children. Our design lets you provide space for multiple kids in the same space that a locker for one person would occupy. ABC cubbies are ideal when you don’t have to worry about securing items with a door and lock.

We make our cubbies from heavy gauge cold-rolled steel so that they will stand up to active kids. All components are 16-gauge steel while the backs are 18-gauge steel. We designed the cubbies for safety with 180-degree bends, round corners, and smooth edges. You can also upgrade your cubbies to increase their strength and durability. Upgrade to galvannealed steel if your install location is in a high humidity area. The galvannealed steel provides more resistance to harsh elements. Our ABC metal cubbies come with one of our premium powder coat paint finishes. This will help protect your metal lockers from everyday use. The metal wall cubby locker body parts are supplied in the same color as the frame at no extra charge.

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