Find the Finishing Touches for Your Republic Lockers

Republic locker parts and locker hardware such as sloping hoods, closed bases, and top and front fillers are the final pieces needed to complete your locker project. We have Locker Shelves which are easy to install. Do you have some lockers that could use paint? Republic touch up spray paint is the best way to give your lockers a refresh. Spray paint is available in either Dove Gray or Classic Tan or any of our premier colors.

You can add locker hardware like front and Top Fillers to your locker run to help the lockers fit better between walls and close up any extra gaps. Closed front and End Base can quickly convert existing lockers to have a clean and finished look. You can add locker Number Plates so users can easily identify their Republic lockers. We punch all our locker doors so that a number tag can be fitted onto them. Number plates come with pop rivets to secure them in place. Order Republic locker parts such as locker coat hooks for quick and easy replacement.

Locker Anchors

We also offer locker hardware such as anchors. Republic highly recommends that lockers be anchored with to either the floor or wall. Proper anchoring ensures lockers do not tip over and injure anyone. We make anchors for all our styles of lockers. For lockers with legs, we make anchor feet. When installing lockers against a wall, you will only need anchor feet on the front legs. If you have lockers without legs, you will need our anchor angles to provide an anchoring surface. We recommend using anchor angles on both ends of a row of lockers and then every 3 feet in the middle of the row. No matter the locker style, when installed against a wall you should also anchor it to the wall.

We keep most Republic locker hardware in stock and can ship them quickly. Need help knowing which parts are for your Republic lockers? Contact us and we will be happy to help you find the right items for your lockers.

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