Rivet Rack Shelving Tie Plate

  • Constructed from steel with a dove gray powder coat paint finish
  • Used to help stabilize rows of shelving that are back-to-back
  • Perfect if you don’t need space between your rows of shelving
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You can quickly and easily add the RS72090 rivet rack shelving tie plate to your rivet rack starter sections! Adding a tie plate provides another stabilizing connection for side-by-side sections of rivet racks as well as sections installed back-to-back. The tie plate will also help maintain uniform spacing of your rows of racking. Republic designed these rivet shelving parts to work with both angle post uprights and t-post uprights. We recommend a minimum of 2 row ties for each pair of boltless metal rack uprights. Taller commercial storage racks can also have a third row tie added for more stability.

We make the RS72090 rivet rack shelving tie plate out of heavy-duty steel. Installation is easy and requires no tools or hardware. The plate has 2 sets of double rivets which slide into the slots on the rivet rack shelving uprights. The tie plate features our Dove Gray powder coat finish. This is so the tie plate will match your Republic medium-duty rack. The powder coat paint will help protect your boltless rivet shelving parts from everyday use. Republic recommends that you anchor your leveled metal storage racks to either the floor or the wall.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs

Dove Gray


2-5/8" Wide


2-7/8" High

Package Quantity

1 Unit