Our Benches Provide a Comfortable Spot to Sit While Changing

Republic locker room benches are the final piece for your locker room project. Republic has school benches in hardwood, aluminum, or plastic laminate. We also offer ADA compliant benches. Providing a place to sit adds comfort for people changing in your locker room. Our benches are stylish enough that you can use them outside the locker room too. No matter which Republic bench you pick, they will stand up to everyday use. Republic has been the industry standard for commercial locker room benches for over a century.

Wood Bench Tops

Hardwood tops provide a sleek finished look that goes with any locker in any color. These locker room bench components come in lengths of 3 feet all the way up to 10 feet in 1 foot increments. Republic finishes these tops with 2 coats of acrylic finish. This will help them stand up to everyday use. We also offer ADA Locker Room Bench Tops in 2 sizes. Easily find the right size wood bench top for your needs.

Steel Bench Pedestals

The Steel Bench Legs have an overall height of 17-¾ inches. Republic makes the pedestal base of 14-gauge steel with 1-5/8 inch tubing uprights. We stock our standard finishes for these industrial metal bench legs in either Dove Gray or Classic Tan. These locker room bench legs can come in a powder coat finish to match your lockers. The powder coat will help protect your benches from everyday use. We make these steel bench pedestals in the USA.

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