Corridor Lockers

Lockers Designed To Be Recessed Into Hallway Walls And Corridors

Republic has been a leading manufacturer of quality steel corridor lockers in the USA since 1930. You can find our metal lockers in school hallways across the country. Republic metal hallway lockers are proven to be easier to install. They are more trouble-free than any other locker on the market. We make our hallway lockers in a variety of layouts so they can meet your project needs. They feature reliable latching systems and a premium finish. Choose from 4 different styles, 34 standard colors, and hundreds of sizes so you can suit your needs precisely.

What Are Corridor Hallway Lockers?

Our corridor lockers have the same features as our standard steel lockers but are designed to be recessed into the wall. Recessing metal lockers into a wall helps keep hallways as wide as possible for foot traffic. Republic offers finish trim pieces to complete the look of your recessed lockers. These lockers come with hasps so they can be secured with a user provided padlock. You can upgrade to either built-in combination or key locks. We punch the locker doors to fit a Republic locker Number Plate.

Standard Corridor Lockers

Republic’s Standard Locker offers economical storage in schools, parks and recreation areas, and office locker rooms. The continuous vertical door strikes, heavy gauge frame hooks and full-flanged, channel edged doors lend both quality and security to the locker. Recognized by its recessed handle and distinctive door louvers, the standard locker serves as the industry benchmark for reliability and value. Many sizes of standard lockers are in stock so we can ship them to you fast.

Quiet Corridor Lockers

Republic’s Quiet Locker is the most popular choice for schools. You get noise-free use and recessed handles for flat door surfaces. They have continuous vertical door strikes and full-flanged channel edged doors for added strength and security. The double lapped rear vertical corners stiffen the locker bodies. We weld the full loop, nested hinges to the frames and then we double-rivet them to the doors to prevent hinge failure. The combo of solid construction and competitive price makes the quiet locker the best value on the market today.

Heavy-Duty Corridor Lockers

Republic’s Heavy-Duty Corridor Locker is the best choice for harsh environments. With a 14-gauge door, secure lock nut fasteners, and quiet latching, this locker provides extra strength and security. We weld the nested hinges to the frames and then we double-rivet them to the doors to prevent hinge failure. When you add the standard features of welded cross frames, continuous vertical door strikes, and double lapped rear vertical corners on locker bodies, you’ve got an invincible locker.

Single Point II Corridor Lockers

Republic’s Single Point II Corridor Lockers bring the benefits of single point latching with no moving parts to school hallways. The 14-gauge steel doors have reinforcing on the hinge side so they can stand up to the tough standards of everyday school use. The single point latch features an 11-gauge steel hook. For low maintenance and high security at an affordable price, Republic Single Point II lockers are the best choice.

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