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Rivet Rack Shelving Accessories

Product Highlights


Item SKU
Tie Plate RS72090
Back-to-Back Tie RS72115
Back-to-Wall Tie RS72110
Post Splice RS72098
Dimensions Particle Board Decking Flat Wire Decking
48″ x 24″ RS72528 RSGV4824FW6
48″ x 36″ RS72532 RSGV4836FW6
48″ x 48″ RS72534 RSGV4848FW6
60″ x 24″ RS72544 RSGV6024FW6
60″ x 36″ RS72546 RSGV6036FW6
60″ x 48″ RS72548
72″ x 24″ RS72554 RSGV7224FW6
72″ x 36″ RS72556 RSGV7236FW6
72″ x 48″ RS72558
96″ x 24″ RS72564
96″ x 36″ RS72566
96″ x 48″ RS72568
Anchoring Accessories
Item SKU
Foot Plate RS72092
Concrete Wedge Anchors RS8861

Rivet Rack Shelving Accessories

Republic presents an extensive array of parts and accessories for rivet rack shelving. Compatible with all our boltless rivet racks, this assortment simplifies the installation of your new storage solution. Moreover, we provide replacement parts, ensuring you can easily acquire the components you need without the necessity of replacing entire rack sections. With a legacy spanning over almost a century, Republic has consistently set the standard in the racking industry, cementing our commitment to quality and customer convenience.

Rivet Rack Shelving Ties

Republic provides a variety of methods to connect and secure your rack systems. For consolidating multiple sections of rivet rack shelving, consider our tie plate solution. These plates conveniently bolt to two rack uprights, allowing seamless assembly of storage racks in a row. To achieve uniform spacing between two rows of racks, our double row back-to-back tie is an excellent choice. Republic maintains stock of these items, all finished in our classic Dove Gray powder coat, ensuring they blend seamlessly with your existing rack setup. Additionally, we offer a back-to-wall tie, designed to anchor your rack upright securely to a wall, not only enhancing stability but also guaranteeing consistent spacing between the wall and your row of rivet racks.

Rivet Rack Shelving Decking

Republic manufactures wire decking using sturdy 4-gauge wire in a 2-inch by 4-inch mesh pattern. Our wire deck racks not only comply with fire code standards but also enhance the effectiveness of sprinkler systems. They come with a resilient baked-on enamel finish and offer effortless drop-in installation. In addition to wire decking, we also offer particle board decking, which is 5/8 inches thick and precut for use with Republic rivet rack shelving. Ideal for general-purpose or record storage applications, particle board decking is offered in four widths and three depths to suit your needs.

Rivet Rack Anchoring

Ensuring the stability and safety of your rivet rack is paramount, and anchoring plays a crucial role in achieving this. Regardless of the Republic storage rack you choose, it’s essential to securely anchor it to either the floor or the wall to prevent tipping and maintain stability. Utilize the rivet rack shelving foot plate, which attaches to the uprights and serves as a mounting plate for bolting the uprights to the floor. For concrete floors, employ Republic wedge anchors to securely fasten your foot plate. Prior to anchoring, ensure your storage racks are level and plumb, guaranteeing their overall safety and security.

Not sure how much rivet rack shelving you need for your space? A Republic Distributor can help you layout a complete shelving solution to meet your project budget and needs.

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