Galvanized Flat Wire Decking – 72″ Wide x 48″ Deep

  • Constructed from zinc coated 4″ x 2″ wire mesh
  • Designed to work with both bulk storage racks and rivet racks
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Easily add wire decking to your existing Bulk Storage Racks as well as Rivet Rack Shelving! Republic’s RS7248FW6 galvanized flat wire decking is strong as well as safe and easy to install. Most warehouses along with distribution centers and manufacturing plants use open grid wire mesh decking. Our galvanized flat wire decking features a steel wire mesh for even more added strength. The open style of the wires allows for increased visibility for inventory inspection. The open wires also deter dust and dirt build-up. Using this wire decking enhances fire safety by allowing more sprinkler access through the levels from top to bottom.

Galvanized Flat Wire Decking Features

Republic’s RS7248FW6 galvanized flat wire decking panels feature 4″ x 2″ wire mesh. Drawn to stringent specifications, the zinc coating on the wire offers extra protection to the steel. Additional wires welded to the underside at intervals provide increased strength. Our specially designed flat wire decking fits beams with a 5/8-inch step. One wire decking panel can be used for most rack levels. You can also easily combine two or more decking panels to fit precisely on your bulk storage rack beams. Please note we do not recommend using wire decking with single rivet light-duty beams.

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Additional information

Weight 21.48 lbs

No Finish


72" Wide


48" Deep

Package Quantity

1 Unit