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Clip Shelving Components

Republic Open Clip Shelving Uprights And Sway Braces

Effortlessly find clip shelving components for your Republic industrial shelving. Our replacement shelves are available in various sizes and gauges, catering to your specific needs. Choose between open or closed versions for the clip shelving uprights. These components are invaluable for expanding your existing storage solution or replacing worn-out parts. Republic’s legacy as a shelving industry leader spans over almost a century, reflecting our commitment to quality and innovation in the field.

Open Shelving Uprights And Sway Braces

Open clip shelving units offer a choice between beaded or angle post uprights, with beaded posts exclusively utilized on the front side for enhanced aesthetics. Republic employs a roll-forming process using robust 14-gauge steel to ensure maximum strength in the upright posts. To bolster stability in each open metal shelving unit, back and side sway braces are needed. These sway braces are crafted from 12-gauge steel and thoughtfully punched by Republic, allowing for straightforward attachment to the post uprights using nuts and bolts.

Closed Shelving Uprights And Back And Side Panels

Closed industrial steel clip shelving offers a choice between beaded or angle post uprights, with beaded posts exclusively utilized on the front side. Republic manufactures these posts from robust 14-gauge steel to ensure optimal strength. The back and side panels are crafted from durable 24-gauge steel. Republic simplifies the assembly process by offering the upright and side panels as pre-welded assemblies, securely affixing the panels to the upright posts. This streamlined approach ensures a swift and effortless setup when installing your new clip shelving components.

Clip Shelving Box Shelves

Republic’s clip shelving components extend to our versatile metal box shelves, each thoughtfully equipped with four shelf clips, enabling tool-free shelf adjustments on 1-½-inch centers. These shelves vary in weight capacity depending on their size. They are compatible with both open and closed shelving sections, providing adaptability to your storage needs. We’ve integrated hole punches in our metal box shelves, allowing for the attachment of various accessories such as dividers, label holders, and bin fronts, enhancing the functionality of your shelving units.

Clip Shelving Parts And Accessories

These components cater to a wide range of storage needs and are designed to enhance the functionality and versatility of existing shelving units. With various parts available, users can easily customize and adapt their shelving systems to specific requirements, making it a valuable resource for maintaining and optimizing storage solutions in industrial and commercial settings. Find compression clips, anchoring hardware, shelf dividers, and label holders.

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