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Cell Phone Lockers

Republic 10 Tier Cell Phone Locker With Digital Locks 3 Wide

Stay Organized and Powered Up with Our Range of Cell Phone Lockers

Introducing our diverse range of cell phone lockers, offering the perfect blend of contemporary convenience and advanced security. Crafted to cater to the dynamic demands of today’s fast-paced environment. These lockers offer dedicated compartments for secure storage of cell phones. Whether for use in offices, schools, gyms, or public areas, our collection encompasses a variety of sizes and features to accommodate your unique needs, eliminating clutter. Explore our selection of lockers and revolutionize your storage solutions today!

What Are Cell Phone Lockers?

These lockers are compact storage solutions designed to provide a secure and organized space for storing cell phones and personal devices. They are typically used in environments such as schools, offices, gyms, and public facilities to address the need for temporarily stowing phones. These lockers often come equipped with features like individual compartments and integrated USB charging ports. They offer a comprehensive solution for both device security and ensuring they remain powered and ready for use. With various sizes and configurations available, phone lockers help reduce clutter and potential distractions while promoting device safety and convenience.

Locker Construction

Within our cell phone lockers, you’ll find robust 18-gauge single-piece doors and 24-gauge body components. Republic expertly laps and welds the door frame corners to ensure a sturdy and resilient structure. Featuring a steel pull handle with a hasp for added security using a user-provided padlock, this friction handle is thoughtfully designed with raised bumps that securely hold the door closed when not in use. These lockers boast a long-lasting powder coat paint finish to withstand the rigors of daily use.

Lock Options

Our cell phone lockers feature a classic yet efficient friction padlock hasp, providing the flexibility to use your preferred padlock for securing your belongings. This design ensures compatibility with a wide range of padlocks that users may already possess. For those seeking advanced technology, we offer lockers equipped with digital locks, so authorized users can have seamless access through a secure PIN or RFID card, delivering a modern solution for security and convenience.


Cell phone lockers find versatile applications across various settings and industries. In educational institutions, they offer students a secure place to store their phones during class hours, promoting focused learning. Offices utilize them to enhance workplace productivity by keeping personal devices safely stowed. In fitness centers and gyms, they provide patrons with a dedicated spot to keep their phones while they work out, reducing distractions. Additionally, these lockers are invaluable in public spaces, ensuring that individuals can store and charge their devices while they engage in other activities, guaranteeing that their phones are both secure and ready to use.

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