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Clip Shelving Parts And Accessories

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Compression Clips
Shelf ClipDDRSP193719-1
Half Shelf ClipDDRSP193728-1
Shelf Dividers (12 Pack)
12″d x 6″hDDRSP106521-12
12″d x 9″hDDRSP106523-12
12″d x 12″hDDRSP106525-12
18″d x 6″hDDRSP106543-12
18″d x 9″hDDRSP106545-12
18″d x 12″hDDRSP106547-12
18″d x 16-1/2″hDDRSP106550-12
24″d x 6″hDDRSP106554-12
24″d x 9″hDDRSP106556-12
24″d x 12″hDDRSP106558-12
Clip Shelving Accessories
Item36″ Wide48″ Wide
Label HolderDDRSP103756-1DDRSP103758-1
Bin FrontDDRSP109842-1DDRSP109844-1
Base StripDDRSP107932-1DDRSP107934-1
Anchoring Hardware
Foot PlateNFRSP1937011-1
Concrete Wedge AnchorRS8861

Clip Shelving Parts And Accessories

Complete your shelving units with Republic’s array of clip shelving parts and accessories. Our industrial shelving accessories encompass a range of options, including anchoring and various optional items. These versatile components and accessories are designed to seamlessly integrate with both open and closed shelving units, providing the finishing touches you need for your storage solutions.

Compression Shelf Clips

Effortlessly secure your shelves with compression shelf clips that easily lock into place on either side of the uprights. These clips disengage without hassle, allowing you to reposition your shelves with ease. Only four metal shelf clips are required per shelf, streamlining your industrial shelving setup. Republic’s shelving compression clip stands as an industry-standard design, frequently imitated. As the weight on a steel box shelf increases, the compression within the clip intensifies, effectively transferring the load to the upright posts. With the option of using half shelf clips to position the lowest shelf 2-½ inches from the floor or regular shelf clips for a 4-inch clearance, you have flexibility in your shelving configuration. Best of all, no tools are needed for shelf installation or adjustment.

Clip Shelving Accessories

Explore accessories for industrial clip shelving, including shelf dividers and label holders. The adjustable shelf dividers allow you to customize your shelf space in 3-inch increments, attaching effortlessly with push-in fasteners for easy adjustments. Incorporating label holders on your shelves streamlines the process of locating and selecting items, with paper strips smoothly sliding in and out of the holders for convenience.

Republic also offers bin fronts and base strips tailored for our industrial clip shelving. Bin fronts easily attach to the shelf’s front face using plastic fasteners, serving as effective safeguards against items rolling off the shelf, especially when used in conjunction with dividers. Base strips provide a protective seal at the bottom of your shelving unit, preventing items from slipping beneath, thereby maintaining a neat and organized facility.

Anchoring Hardware

Prioritize safety as your top concern. Ensure the stability of your Republic clip shelving by securely anchoring it to the floor. You have the option of utilizing either anchors or footplates for your shelving sections. The footplate serves as a solid base for anchoring your shelving to the warehouse floor, while the wedge anchor represents the industry standard for securely bolting shelving directly into your concrete floor.

Not sure how much clip shelving you need for your space? A Republic Distributor can help you layout a complete shelving solution to meet your project budget and needs.

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