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Quiet Corridor Lockers

Republic Quiet Corridor Lockers

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Republic has been a leading manufacturer of quality steel corridor lockers in the USA since 1930. You can find our metal lockers in school hallways across the country. Republic’s quiet corridor lockers offer noise-free operation and recessed handles for flat door surfaces. Our corridor lockers have the same features as our steel lockers but are designed to be recessed into the wall. Recessing metal lockers into a wall helps keep hallways as wide as possible for foot traffic. The combination of solid construction and competitive price makes the quiet corridor locker the best value on the market today and the most popular choice for schools.

Republic makes our quiet lockers from cold-rolled steel. The doors are either 16-gauge or 18-gauge steel depending on the size. All the locker frames are 16-gauge steel while the body parts are 24-gauge steel. We lap and weld the frame corners for added strength. We weld the full loop, nested hinges to the door frames and then double-rivet them to the doors to prevent hinge failure.

Our quiet corridor lockers come with a recessed handle with plastic protected lifting trigger. It will accept a user provided padlock for added security. Lockers with a recessed lift handle have a lockbar latch system to ensure security. Republic quiet corridor lockers come with louvers on the doors for air flow. We offer these metal recessed corridor lockers in our 34 colors. The powder coat paint finish will help protect your steel lockers from everyday use.

Sizes and Tiers

Republic quiet corridor lockers are available in multiple widths and depths. You can order them in either single, double, triple, or four tier models. Need help planning your locker project? A Republic Distributor can work with you to figure out the right size and tier of quiet corridor lockers to meet your project needs.

Assembly and Installation

You can order your new quiet corridor lockers either unassembled or assembled. Putting these lockers together in the field is easy using nuts and bolts. You can also have Republic professionally assemble your new lockers before shipping them. We will use pop rivets instead of nuts and bolts for a strong and durable assembly. When installing your Republic lockers, make sure that they are properly anchored to either the wall or floor or both if possible. We have anchor angles available to provide a surface for anchoring a locker without legs like these recessed lockers.

Locks and Accessories

Republic has different built-in lock options available for our quiet corridor lockers. Upgrade your lockers with either combination or key locks. We have a full selection of trim pieces to help give your recessed hallway lockers a finished look. There are also base options to raise lockers without legs up off the floor. Finally, don’t forget to add a Republic number plate. We punch the locker doors so you can easily attach the plate. Number plates help people identify and find their lockers.

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