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Clearview Lockers

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Clearview Lockers
Overall Dimensions Number Of Frames Number Of Openings Opening Dimensions Part #
12″w x 12″d x 78″h 1 Frame with 6″h Legs 6 Doors 12″w x 12″h RS5332PC
36″w x 12″d x 78″h 3 Frames with 6″h Legs 18 Doors 12″w x 12″h RS53323PC
12″w x 15″d x 78″h 1 Frame with 6″h Legs 6 Doors 12″w x 12″h RS5342PC
36″w x 15″d x 78″h 3 Frames with 6″h Legs 18 Doors 12″w x 12″h RS53423PC
12″w x 18″d x 78″h 1 Frame with 6″h Legs 6 Doors 12″w x 12″h RS5362PC
36″w x 18″d x 78″h 3 Frames with 6″h Legs 18 Doors 12″w x 12″h RS53623PC
69″w x 18″d x 78″h 2 Frames with 6″h Legs and 1 Horizontal Section 16 Doors 12″w x 12″h RS5990PC

Clearview Lockers

Republic has been a leading manufacturer of quality steel lockers in the USA since 1930. You can find our metal lockers in schools, locker rooms, gyms, and businesses all across the country. Republic Clearview lockers are proven to be easier to install and they are more trouble-free than any other locker on the market.

What Are Clearview Lockers?

Our Clearview lockers are our standard steel lockers, with see through polycarbonate doors. These doors are made with injection molding. Polycarbonate plastic is lightweight yet durable. These doors also meet flammability standards sometimes required in building codes. Most importantly it is shatter proof. Our clear plastic doors will stand up to harsh environments while still providing the security of a see through door. It is the best option to make a door for see through lockers. Don’t settle for cheaper doors that can easily allow vandals to break into the locker compartment.

They feature reliable latching systems and a premium finish. We keep our most popular sizes available in both 1-wide and 3-wide models. The powder coat paint finish will help protect your metal lockers from everyday use. Republic makes our Clearview lockers from cold-rolled steel. All the locker frames are 16-gauge steel while the body parts are 24-gauge steel. We lap and weld the frame corners for strength and durability. Republic clear door lockers come with 6-inch-high legs to provide toe room below the door.

Sizes and Tiers

Republic Clearview lockers are available in multiple widths and depths. They come in six tier models and will have a pull handle. The handle will accept a user provided padlock for added security. Need help planning your locker project? A Republic Distributor can work with you to figure out the right size and tier of standard metal lockers to meet your project needs.

Assembly and Installation

You can order your new Clearview lockers either unassembled or assembled. Putting these lockers together in the field is easy using nuts and bolts. You can also have Republic professionally assemble your new lockers before shipping them. We will use pop rivets instead of nuts and bolts for a strong and durable assembly. When installing your Republic lockers, make sure that they are properly anchored to either the wall or floor or both if possible. We have foot anchors available to provide a surface for anchoring a locker with legs like these school storage lockers.

Locks and Accessories

Republic has different built-in lock options available for our Clearview lockers. Upgrade your lockers with either combination or key locks. We have a full selection of sloped tops and closed bases to help give your lockers a finished look. Finally, don’t forget to add a Republic number plate. We punch the locker doors so you can easily attach the plate. Number plates help people identify and find their lockers.

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