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Closed Shelving Uprights And Back And Side Panels

Material Highlights


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Post Uprights
Height Angle Post Beaded Post
73″ DDRSP100041-1 DDRSP107041-1
85″ DDRSP100049-1 DDRSP107049-1
97″ DDRSP100057-1 DDRSP1070571-1
121″ DDRSP100073-1 DDRSP1070731-1
Post Splice NFRSP199220-1 NFRSP199219-1
Beaded Post Upright Assemblies
Size End Assembly Intermediate Assembly
12″d x 85″h DDRSP107322-1 DDRSP108322-1
18″d x 85″h DDRSP107468-1 DDRSP108468-1
24″d x 85″h DDRSP107541-1 DDRSP108541-1
Back Panels
Width Height SKU
36″ 37″ DDRSP105163-1
49″ DDRSP105171-1
85″ DDRSP105195-1
48″ 37″ DDRSP105309-1
49″ DDRSP105317-1
61″ DDRSP105325-1
85″ DDRSP105341-1
Side Panels
Depth Height SKU
12″ 49″ DDRSP101098-1
61″ DDRSP101106-1
85″ DDRSP101122-1
18″ 49″ DDRSP101244-1
61″ DDRSP101252-1
85″ DDRSP101268-1
24″ 49″ DDRSP101317-1
61″ DDRSP101325-1
85″ DDRSP101341-1

Closed Shelving Uprights And Back And Side Panels

Republic’s clip shelving components for closed shelving, including uprights, back panels, and side panels, empower you to craft a personalized storage solution tailored to your needs. Whether you’re looking to replace or enhance specific parts of your current shelving setup, our closed shelving range offers versatile options. Distinguished by closed backs and sides, these units are ideal for scenarios where stored materials demand extra safeguarding or containment. Republic’s closed steel shelving presents a comprehensive storage solution suitable for a spectrum of applications, from fundamental backroom storage to fully integrated warehouse systems.

Uprights For Closed Clip Shelving

Republic provides welded beaded post upright assemblies designed specifically for closed shelving applications. These assemblies are offered in both end and intermediate configurations. An end upright assembly comprises one beaded post and two angle posts, complete with a side sheet panel, while the intermediate upright assembly consists of one beaded post and one angle post with an accompanying side sheet panel.

Constructed from robust hot-rolled steel, our upright posts exemplify durability. The side panel sheet is securely spot welded to the steel shelving post uprights, ensuring structural integrity. Standing at an 85-inch height, our closed shelving upright assemblies are available in depths of 12 inches, 18 inches, or 24 inches. Additionally, the clip shelving uprights are thoughtfully punched to accommodate Republic compression shelf clips, allowing for easy shelf adjustments on 1-½ inch centers. For further flexibility, individual uprights can be obtained as either beaded posts or angle posts.

Back And Side Panels

The closed back and side panels conveniently bolt onto the closed uprights, ensuring a secure fit. Back panels are tailored to fit both our 36-inch-wide and 48-inch-wide units, while side panels are available for shelving depths of 12 inches, 18 inches, and 24 inches, all crafted from resilient 24-gauge steel. These back and side panels, in conjunction with the posts and shelves, play a pivotal role in stabilizing closed shelving units.

Both the uprights and back and side panels are offered in our standard Dove Gray finish, featuring a powder coat paint that provides protection against the rigors of everyday use. Republic proudly manufactures its 2000 series uprights and back and side panels in the USA, ensuring quality and reliability.

Not sure how much clip shelving you need for your space? A Republic Distributor can help you layout a complete shelving solution to meet your project budget and needs.

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