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Shelving With Modular Drawers

Product Highlights


36″w x 85″h Unit Drawers Drawer Heights Unit Depth Starter Add-on Downloads
Republic Modular Drawers In 36 Inch Wide Shelving 5 Drawers Starter DP115005-DB 5 Drawers 4 x 3-1/16″
1 x 4-5/8″
18″ DP115005 DP115005A Elevation Drawing
24″ DP115006 DP115006A Elevation Drawing
Republic Modular Drawers In 36 Inch Wide Shelving 5 Drawers Starter DP115015-DB 5 Drawers 3 x 3-1/16″
2 x 7″
18″ DP115015 DP115015A Elevation Drawing
24″ DP115016 DP115016A Elevation Drawing
Republic Modular Drawers In 36 Inch Wide Shelving 7 Drawers Starter DP115025-DB 7 Drawers 4 x 3-7/8″
2 x 6-3/16″
1 x 7″
18″ DP115025 DP115025A Elevation Drawing
24″ DP115026 DP115026A Elevation Drawing
Republic Modular Drawers In 36 Inch Wide Shelving 9 Drawers Starter DP115035-DB 9 Drawers 3 x 3-7/8″
5 x 5-7/16″
1 x 7-3/4″
18″ DP115035 DP115035A Elevation Drawing
24″ DP115036 DP115036A Elevation Drawing

Shelving With Modular Drawers

The combination of shelving with modular drawers offers the perfect storage solution. You can store both small parts and bulky items in one place. Republic combines modular drawers with our closed beaded post clip shelving. Republic has been an industry leader in shelving since 1930.

2000 Series Shelving

Republic closed steel shelving with beaded posts has closed sides and backs. Enclosed steel shelving is ideal when stored materials require either additional protection or containment. Closed industrial steel shelving is available in different depths and widths. We stock our clip shelving in our standard Dove Gray finish. The powder coat paint finish will protect your closed steel shelving from everyday use.

Use a starter section as a stand-alone metal shelf with drawers. You can join add-ons to a starter to create a row of storage. Republic designs our storage solutions to easily scale up to meet the needs of large warehouses and facilities. 2000 series shelving with drawers comes in either 18-inch or 24-inch depths. All sections are 85 inches high and 36 inches wide. Please note that not all shelves are useable or adjustable. A shelf must be used above and below the drawer brackets to help secure the drawers in place.

Adjustable Shelves

Our versatile 2000 series closed steel shelving with beaded posts comes with fully adjustable shelves. We roll form the shelves from 20-gauge steel. Our shelf design features box formations in both the front and rear of each shelf. These heavy-duty shelves can hold up to 800 lbs. Each shelf sits on 4 compression clips that we form from 13-gauge steel. The Republic clip design lets you easily adjust these steel closed shelves on 1-1/2-inch vertical centers.

Modular Drawers

All drawers have a capacity of 400 lbs and extend for full visual and physical access. Our shelving units come with between 5 and 9 drawers depending on the model. Drawers easily divide with both partitions and dividers. You can easily install the modular drawers into the metal shelving. The drawers only require 4 brackets to install. Suspension glide rails lock into the brackets, then the modular drawers slide into place. You can also retrofit you existing Republic 2000 series shelving with modular drawers.

Republic includes layout kits to subdivide your modular drawers into smaller compartments. Our modular drawers in shelving come in a powder coat finish. The powder coat paint will help protect your industrial shelving with drawers from everyday use. We only ship these knocked down. This means you will have to assemble them on site. We provide all the hardware so that the assembly is easy.

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