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Metal Lockers

Republic PDQ Lockers

Republic has been a leading manufacturer of quality steel lockers in the USA since 1930. You can find our metal lockers in schools, gyms, and businesses all across the country. Republic lockers are proven to be easier to install and they are more trouble-free than any other locker on the market. We make our lockers in a variety of configurations to suit a corridor, an athletic team locker room, and other applications. They feature reliable latching systems and a premium finish. Choose from 34 standard colors, hundreds of sizes, and style combinations to meet your needs precisely.

Standard Steel Lockers

These are our standard metal lockers. Republic offers these steel storage lockers in lots of sizes and tiers. The 6-inch-high legs raise the locker bottom off the floor while providing toe room. Lockers will come with either recessed lift handles or pull handles, depending on the tier. Both handle styles will take a user provided padlock for extra security. These commercial metal lockers have door louvers for ventilation. Republic offers our most popular sizes and layouts in our PDQ program. This lets you get these lockers in 10 of our popular colors shipped out quicker than our standard made to order lockers. While the doors and frames will be a color of your choice, the body parts will be our standard Classic Tan finish.

Corridor Lockers

These metal lockers have all the features of our standard lockers but we’ve designed them to be recessed into a wall. This style of locker is the style you mostly find in school hallways across the country. If you have space issues, recessing lockers into a wall might be the ideal solution. Besides offering these in our standard locker style, we also make corridor lockers in our single point latch, quiet door, and heavy-duty versions.

Ventilated Gym Lockers

Republic’s ventilated industrial metal lockers have diamond perforations on both the doors and the sides. These metal storage lockers have an increased air flow over standard lockers. This makes them ideal for locker rooms at either schools or gyms. Our ventilated lockers come in our economical single point latching style. You can upgrade these to either heavy-duty or all-welded lockers.

Other Styles of Metal Lockers

Republic has industrial steel lockers for other special use cases. Our MVP athletic sports lockers are a must have for any team sport locker room. From high school to the professional level, these stadium lockers make getting ready for the big game easy. Our metal cubbies provide a storage solution for daycare and pre-school. ABC Cubbies have the features of our standard lockers but with an open front. Republic gear lockers are perfect for either law enforcement or for a fire department to store turnout gear. Finally, we have ADA lockers that are fully compliant and provide accessible storage.

Republic has locker room benches available to complete your locker project. We have hardwood top benches with steel pedestals to stand up to any locker room environment. There are also ADA benches available. Looking for replacement hardware or parts? Find either built-in locks, trim pieces, or number plates for your Republic lockers. Need help figuring out what you need to fit your locker project? Republic works with you to come up with a custom locker layout that will fit both your budget and requirements. Contact a Republic Distributor today!