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Locker Hardware and Locks

Republic Locker Accessories and Parts

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Republic locker replacement parts and locker hardware such as built-in locks, sloping hoods, and closed bases are the final pieces needed to complete your locker project. All of our trim and accessories can come in a paint finish to match your lockers. You can even get replacement metal locker parts such as locker coat hooks and shelves.

Locker Hardware and Trim Accessories

Republic offers a few options for finishing the base of your metal lockers. You can use our 20-gauge closed front and end bases to close the bottom areas of lockers with legs. 16-gauge Zee bases offer an attractive way to raise lockers above the floor and create an overhang or toe space for lockers. We also offer finishing trim panels for locker installations with exposed ends for a clean look. End finishing panels bolt to lockers with exposed bolt fasteners around the perimeter of the locker end. Box end panels are formed with perimeter flanges and attach with concealed hardware for a cleaner look. For locker installations recessed in a wall, you can use recess trim to cover exposed areas on the top, sides, or bottom of lockers.

Slope tops provide a finished appearance and discourage the use of locker tops as storage areas. The rise is one-third of the locker depth. Standard flat tops are omitted when sloping tops are used. Continuous sloping tops provide a smooth appearance for lockers mounted along walls or in island groups. We punch all our locker doors so that metal locker number tags can be fitted onto them. Metal locker number plates feature ½-inch-high black numerals on brushed aluminum for fast, easy locker identification. We include pop rivets to easily fasten your locker number plates. You can also get custom locker number plates. Contact a Republic Distributor if you need custom tags.

Built-In Locker Locks

Besides locker hardware, Republic has a bunch of options to secure your metal lockers. We make our steel lockers so that they can be outfitted with standard school locker locks. Get either built-in combination locks for lockers or locker locks with keys. The combo locks for lockers have a 3 number combo. The key locks can come with either flat keys or groove keys. You can order both combination and key locks with a master key.

We also have electronic and coin operated locks. Digilock electronic locks provide keyless, management-free locker operation. There is also an ADA compliant version which provides one touch access by contacting a button key to the lock face. Audio and visual indicators are provided for either vision or hearing impaired users. You can easily install the Safe-O-Mat coin lock system on many Republic lockers. The deposit style locks return a deposited coin to the user while the collect style locks keep coins in a cash box. Digilock electronic locks and Safe-O-Mat coin operated locks are not compatible with all sizes and types of Republic lockers. Check with a Republic Distributor if you need help selecting locks for your locker project.

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