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Law Enforcement Lockers

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Elevation Drawing – RSVL5104ASM1 – 18″w x 36″d
Elevation Drawing – RSVL5578ASM1 – 24″w x 36″d
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Republic has been a leading manufacturer of quality steel lockers in the USA since 1930. These lockers recognize the needs of law enforcement from local to federal levels. Our modular design offers a variety of layouts and optional features. Need help planning your locker project? A Republic Distributor can work with you to figure out the law enforcement lockers to meet your project needs. Whatever your needs, Republic’s design and quality responds to your unique storage demands.


Our police gear locker provides secure storage for law enforcement issued items and heavy-duty tactical gear. These police lockers provide storage for large items such as Kevlar vests, boots, and uniforms. Several shelves provide extra storage for small items like pistols, shoes, and smartphones. You can even store your civilian clothes alongside your work gear.

We make this law enforcement locker from heavy-duty steel. The durable powder coat paint finish will protect your lockers from every day use. These start with perforations in the top and inner compartments for extra air flow to keep uniforms and gear inside cool and dry. In the top rear corner above the shelf is an electrical cutout. Use this to run an electrical feed so that items like laptops and smartphones can be charged while being securely stored inside.

The door comes with belt clips to hang various duty belts. The magnetic backed mirror on the door lets you make sure everything looks right before heading out on duty. The door also comes standard with a recessed handle. Easily secure the lift handle inside the recessed cup with a user provided padlock.


The main storage area of this police locker has lots of thoughtful design features to keep your gear organized. The law enforcement locker has a full-width shelf at the top. Below the shelf, the police gear locker has a partition to divide the locker into 2 sections. One section has a rod and 2 single prong hooks. The other side has 2 small shelf areas. Between these small shelves is a personal compartment that accepts a padlock for storing items that require extra security. Below these is a taller section with a double prong hook. The bottom of the larger section has a perforated boot tray and you can easily remove it for easy cleaning.


This law enforcement locker offers storage below the main locker unit. The hardwood bench top provides a place to sit while changing. The large pull out drawer has room for boots, duffle bags, and other large gear. The drawer is kept secure by a latch inside the main locker. Lift the latch and the drawer can open and when you slide the drawer close the auto-lock feature keeps it secured.


These law enforcement lockers ship pre-assembled with all seams and joints welded to create one of our toughest lockers. The lower drawer unit does ship separate from the main locker unit and requires some easy assembly in the field. When installing your Republic lockers, make sure that they are properly anchored to either the wall or floor or both if possible. We have anchor angles available to provide a surface for anchoring these metal lockers.


Republic has different built-in lock options available for our law enforcement locker. Upgrade your lockers with either combination or key locks. Finally, don’t forget to add a Republic number plate. We punch the locker doors so you can easily attach the plate. Number plates help people identify and find their lockers.

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