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Pallet Rack Shim Plate

  • Use to make sure pallet racking is level before anchoring
  • The galvanized steel still stand up to harsh environments
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  • Made in the USA
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You can use the Republic pallet rack steel shim plate to make sure your rack uprights are level. Not all warehouse or facility floors will be level especially in older buildings. Installing pallet rack on an uneven floor will result in dangerous, wobbly racking which can lead to tipping. You can use this shim plate to get your new racks level during installation. The shim plate easily nests under the footplate of the upright. We construct the plate out of heavy-duty steel. The leveling shim plate comes unpainted.

This pallet rack shim plate can fit all Republic pallet racks that are either 8-feet-high or 12-feet-high. You can use multiple shim plates to guarantee a level and secure installation. The holes in the shim plate align with the holes in the footplate of the rack upright. To insure minimum stability standards, pallet racks should be level, plumb, as well as properly anchored. Republic also offers pallet rack concrete wedge Anchors to make sure your rack is secured to the floor. You should not use shim plates unless you are also using concrete wedge anchors. We make these pallet rack parts in the USA.

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