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Pallet Racking Accessories

Get Accessories To Install And Protect Your Republic Pallet Racking

Several pallet rack accessories are available to help secure your Republic pallet rack system to insure both safety and stability. To meet minimum stability standards, Storage Racks should be level, plumb and properly anchored. The front-to-back supports are pallet rack cross bars that reduce the likelihood of misplaced pallets falling through. Supports should also be used to tie together longer beams to help prevent rotation under heavier loads. A plywood support channel supports either plywood or other decking material or as a front-to-back member between beams.

Pallet Rack Decking

Get pallet rack accessories such as extra pallet rack decking. Pallet rack wire decking is one of our most popular options. It is heavy-duty waterfall wire decking with support channels. The waterfall edge and welded channels will help prevent shift when loading and unloading. We make it with a 2-½-inch by 4-inch 6-gauge wire mesh. Wire mesh decking for pallet racking meets all fire and safety regulations. Depending on the size, solid decking can hold at least 2,000 lbs. Solid decking panels feature 14-gauge construction and easily drop into place to provide a solid surface. Depending on the size, solid decking can hold at least 5,198 lbs.

Spacers and Guards

Pallet rack row spacers are accessories which provide a stabilizing connection for back-to-back rows of racks. This will help you create straight rows of racks which helps with stability and placing and removing beams. Two pallet rack spacers are recommended for each pair of uprights. Wall ties provide stability and consistent spacing from the wall. They will also provide some clearance on the back side of the rack. This will help prevent damaging the wall when placing bulky items on the rack that reach past the back. Between row spacers and wall ties, you can create long rows of uniformly spaced pallet racks.

Provide even more protection against abuse for your pallet racks with impact support pallet rack guards. The impact guard should be anchored to the concrete floor around exposed uprights. Pallet rack accessories like the impact guard will help protect storage racks from forklifts. Republic highly recommends you use pallet rack protectors in all warehouses with any type of vehicle.

Pallet Rack Anchoring

Republic recommends that you anchor all of your pallet racking. Our pallet rack uprights have an integrated footplate for mounting. If you need to shim the racks to get them level, Republic also has Pallet Rack Shims. Concrete wedge anchors are the perfect way to secure your pallet rack uprights. Drill a hole into the concrete floor of your warehouse and then use these Wedge Anchors to secure your storage racks. Republic makes their pallet rack accessories in the USA.

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