Pallet Racking Front-to-Back Support

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You can quickly and easily add the RSFBSUP pallet rack front-to-back support to your Pallet Racking levels! Adding a front-to-back support reduces the likelihood of inaccurately placed pallets falling through the beam openings. We make the front-to-back support out of galvanized steel. It resists rust and corrosion because of the galvanized steel. This lets them stand up in harsh warehouse environments. The 36-inch-deep pallet rack support can hold up to 1,840 lbs. The 42-inch-deep pallet rack support can hold up to 1,540 lbs while the 48-inch-deep support can hold up to 1,320 lbs. As with all racking, please make sure you evenly distribute the loads to get maximum weight capacities on the front-to-back support.

The RSFBSUP pallet rack support will also help minimize beam rotation when supporting heavy loads. This will maintain both the rigidity and stability of the pallet Storage Racks. Supports install easily with no tools or hardware needed. Any 120-inch long beams and greater should be tied together with at least one front-to-back support. We make these pallet rack parts in the USA. Please note that if you are using solid decking panels you won’t need to use any front-to-back supports.

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