Pallet Racking Guard Impact Support

  • Provide pallet rack uprights protection from collisions
  • Features a Safety Yellow finish to promote visibility
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  • Made in the USA
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You can quickly and easily add the pallet rack guard impact support to protect your pallet rack uprights! Adding an impact support will provide your uprights protection from collision. Helps reduce odds of an upright being damaged from an accidental hit from either a forklift or other vehicle. Republic designed these 12″h Pallet Racking upright protectors to fit around your pallet rack uprights. Republic directly welds the footplate onto the upright guard for maximum strength. We then pre-punch the heavy-duty base with 3 holes in order to securely bolt it to the floor.

We make the pallet rack guard impact support out of heavy gauge steel. It comes with a Safety Yellow finish paint finish to help increase visibility. The powder coat paint finish will also help protect the pallet rack column protectors from corrosion. We recommend that you use pallet rack post protectors at the ends of Storage Rack rows in warehouses with fork lifts. We recommend that you use heavy-duty concrete wedge anchors to properly secure to the warehouse floor. Pallet rack Concrete Wedge Anchors are available online.

The pallet rack guard when installed properly, won’t limit where you can place beams. The support wraps around the upright allowing room for the beams. Since the impact support is not too bulky, it won’t stick out too far into an aisle. This will allow either lift trucks or pallet jacks plenty of room to travel up and down an aisle. Create a safe warehouse without sacrificing efficiency. Republic makes these pallet rack parts in the USA.

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