2000 Series Steel Shelving Shelf Divider – 12 Pack

  • Constructed from steel with a powder coat paint finish
  • Works with 2000 series shelving
  • Made in the USA
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Keep your warehouse neat and organized by adding Republic’s shelf dividers to your Industrial Shelving! Use steel dividers to create dedicated bin spaces for products and parts. These dividers have been designed especially for Republic’s 2000 series shelving with 1-inch-wide divider spacing. Republic makes each divider out of 22-gauge steel for a lifetime of maximum durability! Notches on the top allow the divider to fit snug underneath the box shelf for a sleek look. Keep in mind the height of the steel shelf divider does set the space between your shelves.

Features of Our Steel Shelf Dividers

The curled sides of the shelf dividers create a smooth and safe edge. Each shelf divider features both a top and bottom flange. The included push-in plastic fasteners quickly secure your steel shelf dividers in place. Each divider attaches directly to the shelves both above and below. This ensures the divider stays set in place as well as keeping it from leaning. Lining up the dividers above and below a shelf allows you to use one fastener to secure both dividers at one time. Install the dividers with the flanges facing left or right to maximize your space.

Each package contains twelve steel shelf dividers. The necessary push-in plastic fasteners are also included with the dividers. These dividers include a strong and smooth Dove Gray finish. Our powder coat application process creates a finish that is impact as well as corrosion resistant.

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12 Pack