Metal Foot Plate for 2000 Series Steel Shelving

  • Constructed from 13-gauge steel
  • The zinc finish still stand up to harsh environments
  • Made in the USA
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Use the Republic NFRSP193701-1 metal foot plate as part of the anchor system to secure your 2000 series industrial metal shelving. This steel foot plate provides extra stability to ensure a safe and sturdy installation. Republic strongly recommends that you secure each section of shelving. Make sure your shelving is level before securing it to your warehouse floor. This helps ensure your shelving can hold the weight capacities it should. This shelving footplate fits with both Republic’s 2000 series angle posts and beaded posts.

Republic makes the NFRSP193701-1 metal foot plate from 13-gauge roll formed steel. It comes with a bright zinc plated finish. Each plate measures 2-1/8″w x 2-7/8″d. A vertical mounting flange is on top of the footplate. This flange is punched with a 5/16-inch hole used to bolt the shelving post to the footplate. We also punch the steel plate with 7/16-inch holes to easily accept floor anchors in the correct spot.

Even though the NFRSP193701-1 metal foot plate does not include anchors, we do offer industrial shelf hardware like concrete wedge anchor bolts. Each shelving upright will require a foot plate, otherwise shelving will be uneven. Republic makes these industrial metal shelving parts in the USA.

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