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Bulk Storage Racks

Republic Bulk Storage Rack Starter With Front-to-Back Supports

Republic’s bulk storage racks are perfect for the hand-loading of intermediate weight bulky items. In addition to storing merchandise in shipping and receiving departments, stores can use these industrial metal racks in retail locations for display as well as for back stock. We offer these steel storage racks with a durable powder coat finish available in Dove Gray.

Bulk Storage Racks

Our heavy-duty steel storage racks come in a wide array of dimensions, ensuring you’ll find the perfect size to match your specific needs. With four distinct decking options to choose from—particle board, ribbed, solid, or wire decking—you have the freedom to customize your rack according to your preferences. Republic’s uniquely designed beams, boasting the innovative “Z” configuration, not only maximize strength but also eliminate wasted space. The three-prong connector facilitates effortless attachment to the heavy-duty shelving rack uprights, and with the ability to adjust the beams on 1-½ inch centers, adapting your heavy-duty metal racks to changing requirements is a breeze.

Our bulk rack uprights are impressively robust, accommodating up to 10,000 lbs per section. Whether you need a standalone bulk storage solution or wish to expand it, our starter rack comes complete with all the necessary components. Furthermore, you can seamlessly enhance the starter section by incorporating add-ons, crafting the ideal storage solution to meet your unique needs. By stocking our racks in a sleek Dove Gray finish, our powder coat paint provides the essential protection to keep your heavy-duty metal storage racks resilient against the rigors of everyday use.

Bulk Storage Rack Components

Republic’s bulk storage racks are ingeniously designed to evolve seamlessly alongside your changing storage requirements. Whether you require additional rack uprights or beams to augment your existing storage system, Republic provides the flexibility to scale up or modify your storage solution without the need for additional section purchases.

Bulk Storage Rack Parts And Accessories

Discover a range of accessories for Republic bulk storage rack, including anchoring foot options for secure installation. Explore back-to-back supports for stability and spacing, and various decking choices, Create a customized storage solution with Lyon!

Decking Options

These bulk storage racks have 4 different decking options. Choose from either particle board, ribbed, solid, or wire decking. You can also get them with only front-to-back supports. Front-to-back supports under the decking panels help minimize beam rotation when supporting heavy loads. This maintains both the rigidity and stability of your industrial rack shelving.

Assembly And Installation

These heavy-duty metal storage racks assemble without tools. Use a starter unit alone or combine it with add-on sections to create a long run of storage racks. Republic strongly recommends that all storage racks be properly anchored. Make sure to install your heavy-duty metal storage racks plumb and level before anchoring them to the floor and/or wall.

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