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Bulk Storage Rack Units

Our Most Versatile Storage Racks

Republic bulk storage rack units are the ideal racking system for the manual loading of medium weight bulky items. You can use this industrial Storage Racks in any number of storage purposes. In addition to storing cartons of merchandise in shipping and receiving departments, the heavy-duty rack shelf has been used as a display rack in retail locations. Hospitals can also use them for the storage of medical supplies. Our most versatile racking system can scale up easily to create rows of storage in any size warehouse or facility. Republic has been the racking industry standard for over a century.

Features of Bulk Storage Racks

We make these bulk storage rack units in various dimensions. You can find the right size for your needs. Republic beams have a unique “Z” design. We make them out of 14-gauge steel. Due to the design, beams eliminate unused space and increase strength. The Beams have 3 prongs to engage the upright. You can easily adjust the beams on 1-½ inch centers. This lets your rack change when your needs change. Use the fold in safety tab to make sure the beams do not get displaced. The 5/8 inch step will allow decking to sit between the beams while helping to keep them from shifting.

Bulk rack shelving uprights can hold up to 10,000 lbs per section. We MIG weld tubular bracing to the Uprights for extra strength and durability. Find racks with either 3 or 4 levels. The starter rack comes with everything you need for stand-alone storage racks. You can add to the starter section with an add-on to build the perfect storage solution. Join add-on sections to a starter to create rows of storage.

Front-to-Back Supports

The supports will help minimize beam rotation when supporting heavy loads. This will help maintain both the rigidity and stability of the storage racks. Front-To-Back Supports can also serve to support plywood if you want to create your own decking. Depending on your rack width, you will need a minimum amount of supports per level. Republic includes the proper amount of front-to-back supports with all starter and add-on sections.

Particle Board Decking

Republic makes this decking out of high quality 5/8″ thick particle board. Particle Board Decking can hold 750 lbs per section of decking because of durable construction. The decking sits flush between the beams on top of front-to-back to supports.

Wire Decking

Wire decking is the best option if you need either increased air circulation or light penetration. It also allows water to flow from sprinklers in the case of a fire. Republic Flat Wire Decking features a galvanized finish. The galvanized finish is a no flake finish that holds up to harsh environments. This wire decking sits flush between the bulk storage rack beams. Wire decking comes in a frost gray finish. Depending on the size, wire decking can hold between 300 lbs and 325 lbs per section of decking because of construction.

Ribbed Decking

Republic constructs this Ribbed Decking from industrial 20-gauge steel. The ribs allow for space so hands can grab packages easily which helps prevent injuries from fingers getting pinched. Ribs measure 1-3/4″ wide by 5/8″ deep. Depending on the size, ribbed decking can hold between 600 lbs and 1,800 lbs per section of decking because of heavy-duty construction.

Solid Decking

Using Republic industrial steel shelves, Solid Decking creates a smooth uninterrupted surface. Depending on the size, solid decking can hold between 640 lbs and 880 lbs per section of decking.

We stock our racks in our standard Dove Gray finish. The powder coat paint finish will help protect your racks from everyday use. Find additional levels and Parts for your bulk storage racks online. Get either Anchoring Feet or extra front-to-back supports. For safety, we recommend all racks be level and securely anchored to either the floor or wall. Republic makes their bulk storage racks in the USA.

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