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10 Tier Cell Phone Lockers

Product Highlights


10 Tier Cell Phone Lockers
Overall DimensionsNumber Of FramesNumber Of OpeningsOpening DimensionsLock TypeClassic Tan
9″w x 18″d x 78″h1 Frame with 6″h Legs10 Doors6-1/2″w x 6-3/4″hPadlock Friction Hasp23RS091807TXSUS1
27″w x 18″d x 78″h3 Frames with 6″h Legs30 Doors6-1/2″w x 6-3/4″hPadlock Friction Hasp23RS0918073TXSUS1
9″w x 18″d x 78″h1 Frame with 6″h Legs10 Doors6-1/2″w x 6-3/4″hElectronic Lock23RS091807TXSUS4
27″w x 18″d x 78″h3 Frames with 6″h Legs30 Doors6-1/2″w x 6-3/4″hElectronic Lock23RS0918073TXSUS4

10 Tier Cell Phone Lockers

Republic has a rich history as the premier manufacturer of high-quality metal employee lockers in America. For convenient cell phone storage in facilities with limited space like restaurants or retail stores, our 10 tier cell phone lockers are the perfect solution.

Designed with compactness in mind, these 10-tier lockers offer a practical and space-saving way to store valuables, eliminating the need for a separate secured storage room. Whether used as standalone units or combined to create a complete locker system, these employee lockers are proudly manufactured in the USA, featuring robust 18-gauge doors, 24-gauge body parts, and a durable powder coat finish in our standard Classic Tan color.

Assembly and Installation

Our 10 tier cell phone lockers arrive fully assembled, courtesy of Republic’s expert assembly team that employs pop rivets instead of nuts and bolts. This method guarantees a robust and long-lasting construction. To ensure the safety and stability of your new metal employee lockers, we highly advise anchoring them during installation. For added security, Republic recommends anchoring your lockers to both the wall and the floor if possible, with the assistance of Republic’s Foot Anchors to prevent any risk of toppling when the lockers are heavily loaded.

Locks and Accessories

Enhance your 10 tier cell phone locker with built-in locks that offer various choices. Opt for a built-in combination lock or select the built-in flat key lock that comes with 2 keys for added convenience. On the other hand, the 10 tier cell phone lockers can also come equipped with built-in electronic keypad lock for added security and ease of use. These locks are pre-programmed for shared access, allowing users to set their 4-digit code to lock and unlock the door. Additionally, Control RFID cards are available for added control and convenience in resetting combinations. Finally, don’t forget to add a Republic number plate. We punch the locker doors so you can easily attach the plate. Number plates help people identify and find their lockers.

Need help planning your locker project? A Republic Distributor can work with you to figure out the which style of these lockers meet your project needs.

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