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Rivet Rack Shelving Components

Product Highlights


Height Angle Post T-Post
72″ RS72004 RS72018
84″ RS72005 RS72019
96″ RS72006 RS72020
120″ RS72006 RS72021
Length Light-Duty Single Rivet Medium-Duty Double Rivet
12″ N/A RS72040
18″ RS72028 RS72043
24″ RS72029 RS72044
48″ RS72033 N/A
60″ N/A RS72050
72″ N/A RS72053
96″ N/A RS72055
Center Supports
Depth SKU
12″ RS72070
18″ RS72073
36″ RS72077

Rivet Rack Shelving Components

Employ these rivet rack shelving components to craft a personalized configuration or replace worn components. Each rivet rack section uses 4 uprights, 2 depth beams, and 2 width beams. With beams adjustable on 1-½” centers, adapting your storage solution is a breeze. Republic’s design prioritizes versatility, enabling convenient add-ons, modifications, and component replacements, minimizing the need for complete section overhauls. With almost a century of experience, Republic stands as a leader in the rack industry since 1930.


Choose between starter uprights or intermediate uprights. The starter upright, designed as an angle post, is ideal for standalone racks or as an endpoint in a rack row. On the other hand, the intermediate upright, featuring a sturdy T-post design, perfectly complements the middle sections of your shelving setup. Republic manufactures both styles using robust 14-gauge steel, ensuring the longevity and strength of your rack system. These rivet rack shelving components are available in various heights and are finished in our signature Dove Gray powder coat for a polished appearance that blends seamlessly with any environment.


The light-duty rivet rack beams are equipped with a single rivet, while the medium-duty beams feature a double rivet design. Crafted from durable 14-gauge steel, both styles are engineered to withstand the test of time. These beams effortlessly slot into the uprights, aiding in the creation of a sturdy and reliable structure. It’s important to note that racks employing single rivet beams will still need double rivet beams for the top and bottom levels, ensuring stability. These rivet rack shelving components are available in various widths and finished in our classic Dove Gray powder coat.

Center Supports

These rivet rack shelving components effectively minimize beam rotation, particularly when subjected to substantial loads. Be mindful that for width beams measuring 60 inches or more, center supports become essential. Depending on the specific beam length, you’ll require either one or two center supports for optimal reinforcement. Republic facilitates a hassle-free installation process by pre-drilling the beams and providing the necessary hardware for support attachment. These rivet rack center supports are available in our standard Dove Gray powder coat paint finish, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Not sure how much rivet rack shelving you need for your space? A Republic Distributor can help you layout a complete shelving solution to meet your project budget and needs.

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