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Bulk Storage Racks with Particle Board Decking

Product Highlights


Capacity Width Depth Height Levels Starter Add-on
2,600 lbs per Level 60″ 24″ 72″ 3 RS67211SP RS67211P
84″ 3 RS67221SP RS67221P
96″ 4 RS67231SP RS67231P
36″ 72″ 3 RS67213SP RS67213P
84″ 3 RS67223SP RS67223P
96″ 4 RS67233SP RS67233P
48″ 72″ 3 RS67215SP RS67215P
84″ 3 RS67225SP RS67225P
96″ 4 RS67235SP RS67235P
Capacity Width Depth Height Levels Starter Add-on
1,900 lbs per Level 72″ 24″ 72″ 3 RS67311SP RS67311P
84″ 3 RS67321SP RS67321P
96″ 4 RS67331SP RS67331P
36″ 72″ 3 RS67313SP RS67313P
84″ 3 RS67323SP RS67323P
96″ 4 RS67333SP RS67333P
48″ 72″ 3 RS67315SP RS67315P
84″ 3 RS67325SP RS67325P
96″ 4 RS67335SP RS67335P
Capacity Width Depth Height Levels Starter Add-on
1,650 lbs per Level 96″ 24″ 72″ 3 RS67511SP RS67511P
84″ 3 RS67521SP RS67521P
96″ 4 RS67531SP RS67531P
36″ 72″ 3 RS67513SP RS67513P
84″ 3 RS67523SP RS67523P
96″ 4 RS67533SP RS67533P
48″ 72″ 3 RS67515SP RS67515P
84″ 3 RS67525SP RS67525P
96″ 4 RS67535SP RS67535P

Bulk Storage Racks with Particle Board Decking

Republic’s bulk storage racks with particle board decking are perfect for the hand-loading of intermediate weight bulky items. In addition to storing merchandise in shipping and receiving departments, stores can use these industrial metal racks in retail locations for display as well as for back stock. We offer these steel storage racks with a durable powder coat finish available in Dove Gray.


The bulk storage rack uprights are made from fully welded 14-gauge steel. They feature tubular bracing that is MIG welded to the post for added stability. The slots of the uprights provide a quick and easy vertical adjustment of beams to create optimal storage solutions. There are also no “dead spots” in the upright posts to disrupt your placement of beams along the entire height of the post.


Republic makes the heavy-duty beams of 14-gauge steel. Our unique “Z” beam design increases the strength and load capacity of the the steel beams while also resisting tipping and eliminating wasted space. The MIG welded beam clips give added strength. The beams adjust on 1-1/2-inch vertical centers. A fold in lock tab easily engages with the post to prevent accidental displacement.


These bulk storage racks include particle board decking panels. This decking creates a smooth, uninterrupted surface. These 5/8-inch thick decking panels rest easily on the step of the beams. Front-to-back supports under the decking panels help minimize beam rotation when supporting heavy loads. This maintains both the rigidity and stability of your industrial rack shelving.


These heavy-duty metal storage racks assemble without tools. Use a starter unit alone or combine it with add-on sections to create a long run of storage racks. Republic strongly recommends that all storage racks be properly anchored. Make sure to install your heavy-duty metal storage racks plumb and level before anchoring them to the floor and/or wall.

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