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Specialty Storage

Republic Heavy-Duty Gravity Flow Rack

Republic’s extensive range of specialized storage solutions is tailored to address unique storage challenges. Our dedicated engineering team has crafted these specialty solutions, catering to specific storage requirements across various industries, from automotive dealerships to retail display racks. With a century of experience, Republic continues to provide innovative storage solutions for those seeking specialized and custom-tailored storage options.

Gravity Flow Racks

Leverage our gravity rack, a specialized storage solution designed to ensure that your stored items are consistently accessible at the front of the rack. While initially intended for automotive battery storage, this heavy-duty rack is versatile enough to accommodate various products. With angled waterfall wire decking that promotes item movement while preventing falls, these racks are suitable for both warehouse storage and front-of-house displays, eliminating the need for workers or customers to reach deep into the rack or shelf to retrieve items.

Need help figuring out which specialty storage best fit your needs? A Republic Distributor can help you figure which solution will meet your needs.