Slotted Steel Angle Gusset – 12 Pack

  • Constructed out of 14-gauge steel
  • Features a non-flaking galvanized silver finish
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  • Made in the USA
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A Republic slotted steel angle gusset helps you build an infinite number of custom structures! Solve all of your unique storage problems with the convenience and strength of slotted angle. It’s so easy to build what you need – when and where you need it with perforated angle steel. Use angle slotted steel to make platforms around assembly projects as well as support framing for displays. Use punched angle to create non-standard sizes of Storage Racks. You can use perforated metal angle as protective framing around machinery. Unique configurations are often utilized in hospitals, museums, retail outlets, as well as lumber yards. Several schools have also made use of building frames and supports from Republic’s slotted angle. The list is virtually endless!

Features of Slotted Angle Gussets

Republic makes the slotted steel angle gusset from 14-gauge cold-rolled steel. Each piece measures 6″ x 6″ and features a non-flaking galvanized finish. This silver finish provides an industrial look that fits nicely in most locations. The galvanized finish will also hold up to harsher conditions more so than other slotted steel angle iron. Use the pre-drilled holes to bolt the angle-shaped plate to both an upright and cross member. Adding gussets to your slotted angle structure provides extra rigidity. These gussets fit all of Republic’s slotted angle pieces. The horizontal and vertical oval-shaped holes of the slotted angle also allow easy placement of the gussets. Each package contains 12 gussets. Secure your structure in place with Slotted Steel Angle Hardware.

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Weight 6.24 lbs

No Finish


6" Wide


6" Deep



Package Quantity

12 Pack