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Slotted Steel Angle Hardware – 100 Pack

  • Perfectly sized to secure a structure while not sticking out too far
  • The waffle pattern back of the nut makes it self locking
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  • Made in the USA
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Republic slotted steel angle hardware helps you build an infinite number of custom structures! Solve all of your unique storage problems with the convenience and strength of slotted angle. It’s so easy to build what you need – when and where you need it with perforated angle steel. Use angle slotted steel to make platforms around assembly projects as well as support framing for displays. Use punched angle to create non-standard sizes of storage racks. You can use perforated metal angle as protective framing around machinery. Unique configurations are often utilized in hospitals, museums, retail outlets, as well as lumber yards. Several school have also made use of building frames and supports from Republic’s slotted angle. The list is virtually endless!

Features of Slotted Angle Nuts and Bolts

The slotted steel angle hardware features hexagon head nuts and bolts that are 5/16-inch in diameter. The 3/4-inch long bolts are just the right size to fit with any of Republic’s slotted steel angle. These perfectly sized bolts will secure your structure while being short enough to not stick out and be in the way. The waffle pattern back of the nut makes it self locking. The teeth on the nuts will grip the slotted steel angle as you tighten it. This will help ensure your custom structures keep their shape. Each package contains 100 nuts and bolts.

NOTE: When erecting, bolts should be placed diagonally from one another to provide the greatest resistance to sway.

Add even more rigidity to your setup by adding slotted angle gussets to the corners of your slotted angle structure.

Weight 6 lbs

No Finish

Package Quantity

100 Pack

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