Rivet Rack Shelving T-Post Intermediate Upright

  • Constructed from durable 14-gauge steel
  • Features a powder coat paint finish
  • T-post uprights are used in the middle sections of a row of rivet racks
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It’s easier than ever to build your own Rivet Rack Shelving system! Use Republic’s rivet rack shelving t-post intermediate uprights to extend your boltless rack. Republic’s rivet rack shelving is an economical solution for a variety of storage needs. This boltless racking system is ideal for use in either retail or other commercial use such as an office. This boltless metal rack allows access to items from all sides. The superior look and design of our boltless rivet shelving means it can work in the warehouse as well as on the sales floor. We offer these t-post uprights with a durable powder coat finish available in Dove Gray.

T-Post Features

We make the rivet rack shelving t-post uprights out of 14-gauge steel. Use these intermediate posts to create add-on sections with two t-post uprights between each section. Use four angle post end uprights on the outer most corners to complete the shelving section. These rivet rack t-post uprights feature keyhole slots so as to hold your rivet rack beams in place. The rivets of the beams drop into the slots of the uprights to create a sturdy and rigid structure. The keyhole slots allow your levels to easily adjust on 1-1/2-inch centers. Since the beams install without tools it’s easy to adjust your level spacing when your storage needs change.

Assembly and Installation

The rivet rack shelving t-post uprights are easy to assemble without tools. Each section you build should consist of four uprights. Use either single rivet beams or double rivet beams to create the levels you need for your Industrial Metal Shelving. Republic strongly recommends that all storage racks be properly anchored. Make sure your metal storage racks are installed plumb and level before anchoring them to the floor and/or wall. Use the rivet rack foot plates as well as the wedge anchors to anchor your posts to the floor.

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Dove Gray


1-1/2" Wide


1-1/2" Deep

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