Mezzanine Shelving

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Republic makes mezzanine shelving systems  to fit your storage needs. Our Commercial Metal Shelving can be found in warehouses across the country. They are perfect for storing small to medium sized items. Republic has been an industry leader in shelving since 1930.

Multilevel Shelving

Multilevel shelving systems with catwalks are ideal for adding to the capacity of shelf storage. In most cases, the catwalk supports can be fastened to either the shelving or rack uprights, so you won’t need free standing columns. When needed, we can add structural columns to support the shelving mezzanine framing members.

Deck Over Shelving

Deck over shelving supported mezzanine structures combine the features of both the free standing and multilevel styles. Like multilevel shelving, you can install deck supports onto existing shelving uprights. As with free standing mezzanines, the upper level is free for storage, assembly work, or office space.

Decking Options for Mezzanine Shelving

Republic has a few options for the decking of your shelf supported mezzanine. Our steel bar grating allows light to shine thru to the lower level and helps with air flow. Grating also lets sprinkler systems rain down on lower levels. Using grating often removes the need for lower level sprinklers.

You can get roof decking for your mezzanine shelving systems with either a plywood floor or a steel floor. The plywood floor has a smooth surface that carts can roll on. The plywood can come coated in either polyethylene, resin, or fire retardant materials. The steel floor is easy to clean and can come in either a smooth finish or diamond texture. It is a great choice for either food processing or chemical plants or any facility that requires frequent clean up.

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