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Pallet Racking Uprights and Beams

Easily Add Beams And Uprights To Your Pallet Racking

Get pallet racking components for your Republic industrial warehouse Storage Racks. Either replace or add on to your pallet racking system with ease. Republic’s pallet rack also fits with other traditional teardrop designs. Easily upgrade damaged, weak, or worn out uprights and beams with this versatile rack. We know that storage needs change over time. Getting uprights and beams will let you easily either add to or change up your current warehouse storage. Republic has been the racking industry standard for over a century.

Pallet Rack Uprights

Of all pallet racking components, having a well-made and designed upright is the most important. The fully welded pallet rack uprights are roll formed and include heavy-duty bracing and base plates. Using MIG welding, Republic attaches the K-brace and cross channels with precision. This helps increase strength and rigidity while helping to resist abuse. The teardrop keyholes also allow easy beam adjustments on 2-inch centers. There are no dead spots or obstructions in upright posts to impede movement of beam along the entire height.

Our teardrop uprights can hold up to 20,600 lbs per pair. Republic designs these pallet racking components with a standard design that allows you to use them with other pallet racks. We offer heights up to 144 inches online for our teardrop pallet rack uprights. Contact us if you are interested in taller heights. Republic can help make sure you can take advantage of every inch of available vertical space.

Teardrop Pallet Rack Beams

Republic roll forms the beams from durable, heavy gauge steel. We put 3 rugged studs on each end of the pallet racking cross beams. These studs easily engage with the teardrop keyholes on the upright. The integrated 1-5/8″ step allows for decking. Easily install, take down, and relocate beams when needed. We also have an integrated safety lock on our beams. It automatically locks when a beam is properly seated on an upright.

Republic offers these pallet racking components in either a medium-duty or heavy-duty option. Our starter and add-on sections of rack come with medium-duty teardrop beams by default. The heavy-duty pallet beams will provide a greater per level weight capacity if you need to store heavier items. You should tie beams that are 120″ or wider together with at least 1 front-to-back support. The support will help prevent beams from rotating under heavy loads.

Republic’s pallet rack upright frames and beams include a tough, durable, and smooth finish. The baked-on powder epoxy finish gives an appliance-like finish that is both impact and corrosion resistant. The pallet uprights feature our Lake Green finish while the beams are available in Safety Orange. The powder coat paint finish will protect your pallet racking components from everyday use. Republic makes their pallet rack components in the USA.

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