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Industrial Shelving

Republic’s Industrial Clip Shelving offers complete storage solutions! Basic systems include posts, shelves, and clips. Enhance your storage even further with bins, boxes, and dividers to create efficient storage solutions.

Take advantage of your existing vertical space! Republic shelving mezzanine system helps you save both space and money. Our shelving supported mezzanines and multilevel systems offer a cost effective storage solution to today’s expansion needs. 

Republic makes industrial metal shelving to fit your storage needs. Our commercial shelving units can be found in businesses and warehouses across the country. They are perfect for storing and organizing smaller products. You can order our industrial shelving units with either open or closed sides and backs. Both styles have their own advantages so you can find the right solution for your needs. Republic has been an industry leader in shelving since 1930.

Industrial Clip Shelving

Republic industrial clip shelving offers solutions for everything from basic backroom storage to large warehouses. Basic industrial steel shelving systems are configured from posts, shelves, and compression clips. We make the uprights from 14-gauge steel and the box shelves from 20-gauge steel. The shelf clip lets you easily adjust your shelves on 1-½” vertical centers. Republic shelving lets you change up your storage when your needs change. You can also add bins, boxes, dividers, and drawers to maximize your space. We offer our industrial metal shelving as either starters or add-on units. Starter shelving can be standalone shelves and you can join add-ons to a starter to create a row of shelves. Shelving comes in our powder coat paint to protect them from everyday use.

Shelving Mezzanine Systems

If your business is growing, then chances are you face high costs to expand your useable space. Republic shelving supported mezzanines and multi-level systems offer a cost effective storage solution to today’s expansion needs. Use your vertical space and save money with a Republic industrial warehouse shelving system. You can use the second level for more storage or you can even use it for office space.

Need help figuring out what you need to fit your shelving project? Republic works with you to come up with a custom shelving layout that will fit both your budget and needs. Contact Us today!