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Industrial Storage Cabinets


Stock welded cabinets are ready to ship! Each cabinet includes a forklift base and handle with padlock hasp.

RS1115 All-Welded Industrial Storage Cabinet

Republic has been a leading manufacturer of quality industrial cabinets in the USA since 1930. You can find our industrial metal cabinets in facilities and warehouses all across the country. When it comes to tough and durable storage cabinets, Republic has set the standard.

What Are Industrial Cabinets?

These cabinets are made of heavier gauge steel and using all-welded construction. This creates a heavy-duty cabinet that will stand up to harsh environments that regular office storage cabinets couldn’t take. We use 14-gauge steel to build these welded storage cabinets. These cabinets weight a lot thanks to our heavy-duty construction. Thankfully, Republic includes 4-inch-high legs. This will let you use a forklift to move these large industrial storage cabinets around your facility. Our standard Dove Gray powder coat paint finish will help protect your welded steel cabinets from every day use.

These industrial storage cabinets come with heavy-duty doors. We weld hinges to the doors and cabinet and use heavy-duty brass pins to keep the doors aligned. The cast aluminum handle has a built in padlock hasp so you can secure your heavy-duty welded cabinets. The handle operates a 3 point latching that helps keep the doors closed tight.

Republic has designed these industrial metal storage cabinets to have fully adjustable shelves. We weld keyhole slots for the shelves to bolt onto. This will let you adjust your shelves on 3-inch centers. Each shelf can hold up to 1,450 lbs thanks to our heavy-duty design.

Bin Storage Cabinets

These plastic bin storage cabinets have all the great features of our standard industrial cabinets but with the added feature of removable bins. We secure the pick racks to the cabinets by welding them on. They yellow plastic bins easily clip on and off. This lets you easily rearrange bins or remove them to fill them up or use the parts stored inside. Our stackable plastic bins resist most solvents. Each bin has a label holder molded in so that you can clearly label each bin’s contents.

Need help figuring out which heavy-duty industrial cabinets best fit your needs? A Republic Distributor can help you figure which cabinets will meet your needs.

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