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Pallet Racking Accessories

Product Highlights


Pallet Racking Supports
Depth Front-to-Back Support Plywood Support Channel
36″ Deep RSFBSUP36
Pallet Racking Spacers And Ties
Depth Row Spacer Wall Tie
10″ Deep RSRSPC10 RSWSPC10
12″ Deep RSRSPC12 RSWSPC12
18″ Deep RSRSPC18 RSWSPC18
Pallet Rack Impact Support
Height Part #
12″ High RSIMSUP12
24″ High RSIMSUP24
36″ High RSIMSUP36
48″ High RSIMSUP48
Pallet Rack Anchoring
Part Part #
Concrete Wedge Anchor RS25163
Shim Plate RSFLSH56

Pallet Racking Accessories

A comprehensive range of pallet rack accessories is available to optimize the safety, stability, and functionality of your Republic pallet racking system. Ensuring compliance with minimum stability standards requires securing racks that are level, plumb, and properly anchored.

Front-to-Back Supports for Enhanced Stability

Republic’s pallet rack cross bars, also known as front-to-back supports, minimize the risk of misplaced pallets falling through, especially when dealing with uneven loads. These supports also play a crucial role in connecting longer beams, preventing rotation under heavier payloads. Additionally, plywood support channels can be utilized to support either plywood or other decking materials or as front-to-back members between beams.

Row Spacers and Wall Ties for Consistent Spacing

Pallet rack row spacers establish a stabilizing connection between back-to-back rows of racks, ensuring straight rows that enhance stability and facilitate beam placement and removal. For each pair of uprights, two pallet rack spacers are recommended.

Wall ties promote stability and maintain consistent spacing from the wall, providing clearance on the back side of the rack to prevent damage when placing bulky items. Together, row spacers and wall ties enable the creation of long rows of uniformly spaced pallet racks.

Protective Pallet Rack Guards

Safeguard your pallet racks from forklift collisions with impact support pallet rack guards. These guards should be anchored to the concrete floor around exposed uprights, mitigating damage and extending the lifespan of your storage system. Republic strongly recommends installing pallet rack protectors in all warehouses with any type of vehicle traffic.

Secure Pallet Rack Anchoring

Republic emphasizes the importance of anchoring all pallet racks. The pallet rack uprights feature an integrated footplate for mounting. For leveling purposes, pallet rack shims are available. Concrete wedge anchors provide a robust anchoring solution for pallet rack uprights. Simply drill a hole into the concrete floor and secure the storage racks using these wedge anchors.

Not sure how much pallet racking you need for your space? A Republic Distributor can help you layout a complete shelving solution to meet your project budget and needs.

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